The classes at Stomp Your Feet are oriented to dancers with some dancing experience already. There is no beginner track or beginner group. 

Choosing the right level is usually not easy so we offer the following descriptions as a guide, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel the need.

We have five levels of Solo Jazz classes and we don’t have any auditions or level tests. You choose what level you want to sign up for, and we ask everyone to be honest about their dancing experience. Changing level during the event might be possible but it’s usually tricky because of space limitations. Please see the level description below.

Class Schedule

This is last year’s schedule. This year’s schedule will be very similar to this one, if you need a reference to book your trip.

Alnouart, Carrer de Berga 36

Igor Studio,  Carrer de Sant Lluís, 63

Level descriptions

Level 1


This group is for newcomers who want to start out on their Solo Jazz journey as well as for those of you who have done some Solo Jazz before and/or have experience dancing Lindy Hop or other dances.

Level 2


You have been dancing Solo Jazz for a couple of years and are comfortable with basic steps such as Tacky Annie, Shorty George and Charleston. 

Level 3


You have been dancing for various years and you have a solid vocabulary of steps and movements. You are comfortable with dancing at various tempos and you’re comfortable when improvising. You have a basic understanding of music and how to adapt your dance to it. 

Level 4


This group is for experienced Solo Jazz dancers who can quickly learn new material and techniques. You are used to improvisation and you use rhythmical variations and steps with ease. You can also can make clear musical choices like phrasing and dynamic changes.

Level 5

Top level

This track is set at a very high level, appropriate for professional dancers with a high level of experience.

The pace of this track is fast so you should be quick at learning and understanding new movements rhythms.

Improvisation comes easy to you and you like to do it in any tempo. 


Dance classes

The Class venues

The classes take place in the Gràcia neighbourhood. It takes 10 minutes by foot to get from Alnouart to Igor Studio.

Igor Studio (la fabrica lliure)

Igor Studio
Carrer Sant Lluís, 63

Metro L4 (yellow line), Joanic station


Carrer de Berga, 36

Metro L3 (green line) Fontana station