Show us your dancing!

Competitions will take place on Friday and Saturday party with prelims starting at 22:00

What Are The Competitions?

Take the chance to share your dancing in our friendly competitions!

Take a look at the competition descriptions to see if there is an option that suits you. please keep in mind that the spots for the Short Showcase Competition are limited and that they usually sell out fast!

Short Showcase

The Short Showcase competition has been with us from our second year and we are looking forward to continuing this tradition. The format of this competition will be as follows: 1-3 participants and a maximum time of 60 seconds. There is usually a good mix of experience and dance styles in this competition. Everyone is welcome!

Solo Jazz Competition

Share your dance with other dancers in a friendly competition. Prelims at 22:00 on Saturday and Finals in the band break. Spots will be limited so don’t wait to sign up if you want to join. You can check out last year’s competition here

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